Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

He is risen.
Which is definitely worth celebrating.
I mean, if we can't celebrate eternal life and hope, what can we celebrate?
So celebrate we did.

We started on Saturday with some Easter Egg dyeing:
(Owen was too busy being tickled in the background to participate.)

Sunday morning the kids woke up to find Easter baskets full of goodies. Emma Grace was so impressed that the bunny knew all of Owen's allergies and didn't put any chocolates in his eggs. I was impressed too. I told her maybe the bunny stopped by UNC on his way and peeked at Owen's files. :)

Apparently when the kids are hyped up on sugary treats, they're more tolerant of my camera lens.
Duly noted.

Last night we busted out the best dishes, made place tags, and celebrated with yummy food and friends.

The kids table:
(Poor Molly and Abby. They had to sit at the kids table. They were good sports about it though. I so remember that transition of being too old for the kids table but getting stuck there anyways.)

Happy Easter, Blogging World!
And don't worry - I won't leave you without a true shot of the Fischer Kids:

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  1. Celebrating the risen Christ with family and friends, and enjoying the fun traditions of eggs, baskets, VERY wise bunnies, and laughter.....what a blessing it all is! Thanks for sharing the GREAT pics (and at least one "real Fischer kids" shot!)....helps me feel I was there. I'll post the other 3 Fischer grandkids sometime today on FB! Love you all!