Thursday, April 28, 2011

My New Companion

I don't have a name for her yet, but this chic and I are going to be tight.
I can already tell.
She arrived yesterday and she works hard and the red looks good on her.
Real good.

I love to cook, but I had never heard of this type of blender before.
Enter Owen.
We're now working with specialists at St. Joseph's Hospital in New Jersey.
Owen (and his momma) will be spending five weeks there in August, but in the meantime they're watching him eat via video and giving us recommendations.
They specialize in kids like Owen.
(You know, awesome kids that just happen to have disorders that make eating unpleasant.)

Because of his many allergies, I am now making a lot of his food, and they said I needed an immersion blender. One from vitamix that costs close to $500. 
I did my own research and got this one for $60.
Obviously - I got the red.
(You do know I'm obsessed with red appliances, right?)

We got acquainted yesterday and I love her.
She took bananas, pumpkin, and eggs, and made this:

Perfectly smooth! No lumps!
And with much persuasion and distraction this morning, he ate five bites of it. 
That's right.
5 bites of something with egg in it.
That's a new food and one he's not allergic to!
That's some good protein, yo.

She (name suggestions are welcome for my new companion) also made avacado and chicken with almond milk, and chicken noodle soup with extra chicken and egg in it.

You go, girl.

Now all we need is this Lil' Man to eat like he's never eaten before.

Because dude needs to get out of the third percentile.
Here's to my new companion and hitting the fourth percentile.
I think together, she and I can get it done.


  1. I love her....she is sleek, efficient, and RED! Scarlet, Ruby, Rose....all come to mind for this smooth beauty. She does need a powerful name though to keep pace with you as a powerful Mama taking on the challenges and needs of Owen's medical needs. YOU are awesome so she needs an awesome name too.....I'll keep thinking. In the meantime, praying Owen gobbles up all those luscious new foods!!!! You Rock Rachel ;)

  2. Whereas I am thrilled for you both, I must say that when I first started reading this, I did not think you were talking about a blender... Name suggestions pending.

  3. yumm, that actually sounds good. Names- slick, jovie, i will keep thinking, you do need a good name. I bet you are singing praises!