Monday, August 27, 2012

And They're Off....

Well, my oldest two babies left for first and second grade this morning.

First and Second Grade. 

I can't believe how old that sounds.

(And yes, I know that is so cliche, but it is also so true. Time flies.)

And Emma Grace flew so quickly to the bus that she actually ran right into the yellow stop guard sticking out of the front of the bus. And then she had to run around it. And we were trying hard not to laugh at her. Sister was ready. And she was worried about being late.  Bless her little heart.

And this just may be one of the cutest pictures ever. EVER.

Although, I'm probably biased.

Happy Back to School!


  1. Incredibly cute photos. Incredibly adorable smiles. Of course, I might be slightly biased also. The first day of school excitement is so contagious and so much fun. Their teachers are lucky to be receiving those gorgeous, big smiles :) And, yes, time does fly. It honestly doesn't seem that long ago that you were wearing the cute little dress with the great, big smile, eager for the first day of school. Fond, fond memories.

  2. As another "slightly biased" (maybe) person, let me add how sweet the pics are and how adorable the kids are! What a great day.....even if sweet EG worried about being late. So very special that they are moving forward in their adventure called school but they SERIOUSLY must STOP growing so fast. I can't possible accept how old they already are.....just can't! Maybe.