Saturday, August 25, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

Apparently we've pushed this little guy over the edge this summer with too many trips and too many transitions and not enough normal routine which he craves in his world.

The result?

He now screams anytime we leave the house. Any time. Every time.

He calms down once we're out and about, but the twenty minutes prior to exiting the driveway are not fun right now.

Enter this morning:

Me: Owen, we need to get dressed.

Owen: (Immediately screaming) I DO NOT WANT TO GO! I WANT TO STAY HOME! I WANT TO STAY HOME!

Me: Owen, calm down and look at my eyes. We are not going anywhere. We are just getting dressed. Do you understand? We're not leaving the house. We're just putting clothes on.

Owen: Stops screaming but continues to cry uncontrollably while I put his clothes on.

Me: Owen. You have your clothes on now and we're still staying home. Why are you crying?

Owen: I don't know. I just need to cry.


Me too bud, me too.


  1. Sweet sweet Owen. My heart and prayers remain around him with God's loving arms.
    In the meantime we'll give a few (ok several) shout outs to God for you guys too!
    I also know God found the perfect parents and family for him to be nurtured and loved!
    Sweet sweet Home and sweet sweet Owen.

  2. Cartridge
    Actually Home is the sweetest place for all of us...For any one.....

  3. I need to just cry sometimes too! It will be much easier to stay home more now that the kids are in school?