Monday, August 6, 2012

Goodbye and Hello

We said goodbye to Yelizaveta today.

She is such a sweet girl and we will miss her, especially my seven year old. She is very blue and was sobbing at the airport. Broke my heart. Little Lamb.

We're excited though about having new friends half a world away.

And Todd and I are excited about getting back to a normal bedtime routine. Let's just say sleep was not a high priority for Liza...... and it was definitely awkward to go to bed at midnight (or later) and know there was still an eight year old awake upstairs.....

Unfortunately we're saying hello to Steroid Medication once again.

Those blasted eosinophils are back and growing in number.  We are not shocked after the past week full of nasty rashes and more screaming than normal, but we are sad to take a step backwards. 

If you're so inclined, prayers for my lil' man to start feeling better soon would be much appreciated!

And that's about it on the home front. Just another week of swimming, crafting, reading and enjoying the dwindling days of summer.


  1. So sorry to hear about Owen, hopefully the meds will kickstart him in the right direction and he can stay there!

    The top pic of EG is the first time I can honestly say she looks EXACTLY like you, or rather has your exact wonderful smile. So cute.

    I may try to come by one day before getting the kids so you can meet Z. Will text ya! : )

    1. Would love to hold Zane again!! He is too cute. Please come over! :)

  2. As I told you, I felt a bit of my heart break once again to hear the EE was rearing its ugly head more than usual. We are stepping up prayers and have already asked the 42 households on our weekly prayer concern lists! Feel the power of God's comfort wrapping each of you very close for the healing days ahead. My thankfulness is that we were blessed with so many great days with him here and for his resilient attitude when we might not expect it! He is full of surprises on this tough journey. My sweet sweet Owen.
    LOVE the pic of Liza and her Raleigh family! We loved getting to know here!

  3. As always, we are praying for little Owen. Such a brave little soul - just like his Mom and Dad. Loved meeting Liza. What a little sweetheart! Wouldn't you love to hear her version of American life?

  4. im totally mad at you, you never called me when it got bad to say "hey, michal, I need a little break, can I bring my kids over for a little?" I'm so glad you had a great time with liza! What a great opportunity! your amazing!