Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Winding Down

Our summer adventures are winding down. We've done the beach with my family, the sound with Todd's family, the pool, and we only have three full weeks left before certain people start 1st and 2nd grade. Three weeks. :(

Liza leaves Monday afternoon to head back to Belarus. There is a major part of me that will be sad to say goodbye and also another part of me that is ready to have things back to normal. Whatever "normal" is for our crazy family.

There are lots of posts swimming around in my head right now regarding today's crazy headlines. Posts about certain chicken selling restaurants, and Olympics, and movie theaters, and the craziness that seems to surround this world. But for now, I just quiet those voices and focus on trying to see the many ways God will make sense of all the craziness. Because He is working. Of that, I'm sure.

So instead of delving into the depths of my mumbled jumbled thoughts on world issues, I will just give you cute pics of my kids. I know, I know.....I'm so deep.

WHAT?! After begging and begging. Isaac finally got his hair shaved off. He loves it. We patiently wait for his precious curls to grow back and enjoy calling him Baldy.

The finished product:

"Owen, you want to go swimming now?"

Kids being spoiled by their grandad who patiently pulled them each around on the tube.

Jumping off the dock without hesitation or fear:

And while these two boys who continue to prove that blood doesn't a brother make stayed on with their grandparents,

the girls and I headed back to Raleigh for some girlie times. Fun.

and Yum.


  1. As a newly retired person and Grandma, I had no clue there were only 3 weeks left until school.....but I do know these summer weeks with grandkid fun have been precious! The boys were PERFECT this week.....that's my story and I'm sticking with it! They stunned us with great attitudes, eagerness for just about everything we did, awesome manners at every turn, and the evening prayers that left smiles on our hearts!

    I love the cakes and look forward to a bite (or two) tomorrow when I return two precious boys to Raleigh for the attempt at "normal" you speak about....ha ha!

  2. Another fun beach trip! Love those smiles when they were being pulled by the boat! I hope I get to see normal next time I'm in Raleigh :) Cute, cute kids!

  3. Love Owen's facial expressions! When I saw that pic of him in the water I thought you had shaved his head too, but then realized that his hair is so blond, it just looks that way. Love all the pictures. : )