Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here's Your Sign*

(If you're confused by the title of this post, read these lyrics. Or listen Jeff Foxworthy sing it. Hilarious. http://www.wowlyrics.com/j/jeff-foxworthy_songs/19739_lyrics_2433118.php)

I don't even know where to start with this one, but I felt I had to post about it because it is so skewed.

Read this and then let's reflect:

[A viewer of Robertson’s show, The 700 Club, wrote to the show for advice on dating problems. She wrote,
"I’m the mother of three adopted girls. I find the men I date are okay when I tell them I have three daughters, but when they find out they are adopted, and from three different countries and not my own biological children, they don’t want to date anymore.
Whether I tell them upfront or after a couple of dates, all the men are reacting the same way. They say that they would be okay with it if the girls were biological children and came with child support. Why are these men reacting this way?"

Robertson’s co-host reacted the way most human beings would react, by calling the men “dogs.” Robertson, however, did what he does best. He blamed the situation on the woman and on the fact that she adopted children (emphasis from Veracity Stew).
A man doesn’t want to take on the United Nations, and this woman’s got all of these various children, and blended family. I mean, what is it? You don’t know what problems there are. I’m serious. I’ve got a dear friend, adopted some little kid from an orphanage down in Columbia, child had brain damage…you know, grew up weird, and you just never know what’s been done to a child before you get that child; what kind of sexual abuse has been, what kind of cruelty, what kind of food deprivation, etc., etc., etc. So, you’re not a dog because you don’t want to take on that responsibility.
“You don’t have to take on somebody else’s problems. You really don’t. You can go help people, you can minister to people – we’ve ministered to orphans all over the world – thousands of them. We love orphans, we love helping people. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to take all the orphans around the world into my home.
“OK, let’s get to the next question…I’m in trouble…”]

 Okay now - here are my thoughts to the woman who wrote in.
1. Where are you meeting these men?
2. As a part of the adoption world, you have to know that not everybody is comfortable with the idea of adoption. And I would venture to say that men have a harder time with the concept than women. 
3. I'm not a single mom and haven't been in the dating world in a long time, but it seems to me, you could do some fun group outings with friends and your girls thereby giving these men a chance to interact with your daughters and see how "normal" your family is.

And my thoughts to Mr. Robertson:
1. You are stupid. Here's your sign.
2. You are right. Sometimes there is no way of knowing what has been done to a child before you get that child, but in my book, that makes that child all the more worthy of a healthy family to help them through the pain. Here's your sign.
3. An adoptive family is not the same thing as a blended family. Here's your sign.
4. You claim your "dear friend" adopted a child, but you don't even know the child's name? Here's your sign.
5. Just so you know, you may not hear from that "dear friend" for awhile. Here's your sign.
6.A child with brain damage is not "weird." He's special. And he's a child. And he needs love just as much as a child with a perfectly healthy brain. Here's your sign.
7. You claim to love orphans and love helping people all over the world. Perhaps you could show that love without judging them because of a past they have no control over. Here's your sign.
8. Thank the Lord you are not an adoptive parent. Here's your sign.

PS. Mr. Robertson, 
The adopted child on the right started his life severely malnourished in a third world country. He is now perfectly healthy and thriving.
The biological child on the left was born at Duke Hospital and has had all kinds of health problems.

They are not weird.
We love them both the same.
They are brothers.
Real brothers.

Here's your sign.


  1. YOUR sign my sweet daughter in law should say "Woman With a BRAIN, a HEART, and more INTEGRITY than anyone, even a so-called evangelist."

    I don't dare reflect or I'll overreact about Robertson's idiotic comments....maybe overreacting is a misnomer in this case. His sign would have to be too big to carry!

    As you say, thank the Lord HE is not an adoptive parent. I personally thank the Lord for the child who joined our family from another country and has a genuine heart of gold and every ounce of our love!

    I'm DONE reflecting on a man that doesn't think with God's love nor take time to realize how ridiculous he sounds to everyone! Poor guy.....he sure needs some prayers doesn't he....may take me some spiritual strengthening to begin to pray for him first.