Monday, August 13, 2012

Dare I say it's working?

Well it's 10:00am here.

And the kids have been up since 7:00ish. And today was the first day in weeks that our alarm clock was not the sound of a screaming three year old.

And not only that, but there has been no screaming yet this morning.


He's upstairs playing happily.

So way to go, steroids! 

Keep kicking those nasty white blood cells to the curb! 

Let's make this the fastest healing of a flare up in the history of EE flare ups.


  1. With his super powers and meds in full force (to say nothing of the pink boots!!!) I'm sure EE is being kicked to the curb at this very moment!

  2. Go steroids!! Please send extra double doses for this weekend! That adorable super hero will definitely conquer!!