Saturday, July 2, 2011

Going Home

Owen will be discharged next Friday after four weeks here.
We're excited about going home and scared about doing all this on our own.
It's bittersweet. While it has been hard being here and away from everybody, being surrounded by specialists who are watching him closely and answering questions the second you have them has been quite nice. (It's kind of like being nervous leaving the hospital with your newborn....)
I offered to set up a clinic in our house for them, but apparently they don't think insurance will cover that.

It's also like having a newborn again because he has to eat every 3 hours and Todd and I are the only ones who are trained to feed him. Yowza. There goes our dating life..... Not that we had much of one anyways.
While Todd was at the hospital the past few days getting trained in the art of feeding Owen, the bigs and I had a blast swimming. We even borrowed passes to a lake and my skin was like "vitamin D? What the heck?"

They made some new friends and once we're done with laundry and laziness today, we may head back over there. The hotel will clean your bathrooms and kitchen and make your bed, but apparently they draw the line at washing your dirty undies. I don't get it....

After Owen's dinner, we went out to eat and to watch the fireworks last night.
(No, his feet are not one of his new foods. He just likes to smell them. Don't we all?)

Happy Holiday Weekend!


  1. Yay! I am glad you get to come home "early". Sorry I'll miss you!

  2. Ditto the "Yay" for coming home! Praying for your new adventure at home with O. What a blessing for you and Todd to be equipped with successful eating strategies. :) Although my specialty with speech therapy has been with adults with some time, it has been for eating/feeding issues, so please let me know if there is something I can do to help. Maybe I can babysit so you can go out??