Friday, July 15, 2011

Huh? What?

Been storming and researching various schools, specialists, services the state will provide, etc for the majority of the day and here's the conclusion I've come to: in order to figure out the ins and outs of special needs, one needs to be a genius.

Of which I most definitely am not.

Anybody else see the irony?

After one of many 30 minute phone conversations today, I did learn that I will be assigned a "service coordinator" in the next few weeks and this person will help me with all the resources, decision making and even something called transition meetings. I don't even know what a transition meeting is yet, but apparently I want my service coordinator with me when we have one. Apparently, he or she will become my new best friend. Hope they like margaritas, because I'm going to need one after trying to figure all this out on my own in the meantime.

And in honor of all the other acronyms and new terms I'm trying to learn, I've decided to come up with my very own acronym.


In case you're wondering, it stands for

I Don't Know What The Heck I'm Doing Somebody Please Help Me Before I Lose What Few Marbles I Have Left In My Teeny Tiny Brain.


  1. If you can teach high school students you can do anything! Keep going....

  2. Praying that you get a service coordinator that is a genius so you don't have to, is funny and has a mean sarcastic sense of humor so you two can have a good time while you wade through the big task of servicing an amazing boy. :)

  3. Hey Rachel!! I've been following all that you guys have gone through recently. I'm definitely keeping you in my prayers....I know it's got to be overwhelming! I work in Charlotte but do mostly Early Intervention so I know lots about the whole process. If you have ANY questions or want some ideas of what to ask your SC, please give me a call! I told SE to pass along my # to you. Hang in there!! I"m happy to help in any way!!


  4. How do you pronounce that acronym?