Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Mountains Win Again

We just got home from a short vacation and as always when life is stressful, nothing beats a few days secluded with no cell phones or wi-fi, no doctors or appointments, no fighting or arguing. Okay - who am I kidding? The mountains are great but they don't get rid of sibling rivalry. I wish.

Regardless of some sibling squabbling, being surrounded by scenery like this is just downright calming to the soul.

My parents took the kids to the mountains a few weeks ago and took them bowling. They loved it, so that was our first order of business. The boys killed the girls, but it was still a big hit.

Up next on the agenda? Playing superheroes. Apparently they were Pajama Girl, Cereal Boy, and I'm not sure what to call the two year old with a gun? Scary?

Last but not least? Some creek side adventuring followed by s'mores, also known as an awesome afternoon.

And in case you're wondering, after much discussion, we decided strawberry flavored marshmallows are the bomb. Seriously. Try it sometime.


  1. nothing like some R&R. What a great time. What does get ride of sibling rivalry? I will pay to know the answer. I am back, let me know when you can run. I had surgery on my back and haven't run, so I might be more out of shape than you!

  2. What a fun trip! Praying that Owen's eating continues to progress. : )