Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pooling Around

It is definitely summer time around here.
With temps in the 3 digits, the kids are spending their mornings doing some of this:

while I rush around like a chicken with her head cut off like the calm, cool, and collected parent that I am, packing stuff up so we can go do this:

(That last pic is supposedly my mean face. I was trying to get Erika to stop taking pictures.  Apparently it didn't work.)

We've enjoyed our five days of doctor-free living.

Back to the grind tomorrow and Friday for Mr. Man.

Bye Bye Jersey, Hello UNC.


  1. That "mean face" needs some work missy.....nothing mean about it! :0

    LOVE the goggles they are sporting!

    Good luck w/tomorrow's meeting!

  2. Ink
    So cute babies and i like that swimming pool shots....thanks to sharing........