Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Do I Love Them?

Because the other day I came downstairs to find them doing this without being asked.

Because things in life have been pretty crazy lately, but I've been seeing more of this smile than I used to.

Because she leaves sweet notes like this and also left a dollar for the tooth fairy because she was worried the tooth fairy never gets any money to buy food and stuff. (The tooth fairy was tempted, but she didn't take the dollar when she added another one to the pile.)

Because he tells his grandpa that he wipes his own butt at home, but apparently he thinks he shouldn't have to do it on vacation. Of all the things to want a vacation from....... And yes, his grandfather was smarter than to give in to his shenanigans.

Because sometimes trying on all your brother's shoes just gets exhausting.

And because pajama parties with some of your besties just make life more fun.

Yup - life is good.
It will be even better after Friday when Todd gets home and our family is finally in the same state at the same time.


  1. I still haven't heard from you, I am here for you. Please let me help!!! I know you love your kids but I am sure it is crazy without Todd.

  2. Awesome pics.....Grandma Fish didn't fall for the "on vacation" attempts either in the bathroom! I love all the pics, especially the too many shoes nap!

    Let me know if you need me this week :D

  3. You are truly blessed! Your kiddos are darling and have such beautiful hearts (you are doing lots right mama!)