Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photography Tips

Now I know that I'm not a professional by any means, 
but I do love taking pictures so I thought I would share a few tips with you.

When you're driving your car very slowly (look in bottom right corner of tom tom) and  stuck in traffic and rain like this,

do not be afraid to use the time to play with your camera and try to get some great shots.
(Of course, Mom, I definitely kept my eyes on the road at all times.)

You just turn your camera on, angle your arm in a very awkward position and shoot away.

The result can be quite adorable.
Like this:

But more often than not, they turn out like this:

I won't charge you for this lesson.

You're welcome.

PS - We're Home!!!!!


  1. Yeah for home! Love the sweet, sweet pics of O sleeping. Better than screaming bloody murder while you are stuck in traffic. : ) Great to talk to you today. So glad things went well with his first meals. Praying for more success! Love ya!

  2. Some of my pics come out like that when I am not even driving.