Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Hairy Situation

We may look different, but when it comes to hair, Isaac is just like me....the girl who will grow her hair out for years and then decide in one hour that she wants to chop and donate it....which usually results in tears and regret and promises to never be so drastic again.

My boy will work and work to grow his hair out, even when we're begging him to let us trim it. And then all of a sudden, on a whim,  he decides he wants it short. And it has to be done right then. And if Daddy took his clippers with him on his mission trip, then we borrow clippers from Mr. Donnie and we cut.

Here he is picking out the afro he has been proudly sporting the last several months:

Those are some gorgeous curls, but a little bit too long for my taste. Especially in the heat of summer and especially when he cries the majority of the time we need to pick them out.

We tried the 1/2" guard first.
I loved it.
But the boy who has begged and pleaded us to let him grow his hair out?

Nope. Had to be the 1/4". If he's cutting it, we're going all the way.

The end result?
Still pretty dang cute in my opinion.

Love this kid.
Love these curls.
I'll miss them, but I know they'll be back soon.

Until the next whim....


  1. I know the time I couldn't find the pic and I decided to use my brush and sort of swoop/lift...ha ha ha! Joke was on me! Isaac sure did laugh at my attempts!
    So precious with those short curls too! :D

  2. Hey! I have an idea. Let's save Isaac's hair and make a toupee for Jeremy and then gift wrap it, have Pat Hill sign the card, and put it in his box at school. Classic. Praying for you all and Owen.