Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awesome Owen Update


We've had some great appointments this week.

Yesterday at UNC Owen gained almost a pound and also grew several centimeters. He was still below the third percentile but everyone was thrilled that he FINALLY grew in length and width.

Today was our evaluation with the state. This was his third evaluation by either social workers or a developmental specialist. At the first one in NJ, he was at the same level as an 18-20 month old developmentally. That was nine weeks ago. The second evaluation was four weeks ago. At that point, he scored on the same level as a 22-24 month old. Today? Today he was between 25-27 months......which is within the average range on the test. So in nine weeks he's gone from being a year behind to only being 3-5 months behind. What has made the difference in such a short amount of time? The specialists think it was a combination of taking him off a certain drug that made him very sleepy and proper nutrition. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm - I agree, but I also think it was the answer to MANY prayers that have been lifted for my sweet boy. Thank you, friends!

He still has some sensory and other issues, but none of them were severe enough to qualify for services from the state. This is both a blessing and a curse. While we're thrilled that he falls within the average range, they think he could definitely benefit from services. They just won't pay for them. :( His preschool should help with the developmental therapy and we're looking into finding a good place to do occupational. The OT will work with him on continuing to build up his abdomen and muscle tone and also help with his sensory issues.

So basically this is a great week. We're seeing progress both physically and developmentally and we could not be more excited. Next week we have more biopsies and we'll see where he is internally. If biopsies come back clear, there will be mucho celebration going on.






  1. WONDERFUL news, Rachel! What great progress! Lots of prayers going up for that sweet little guy!

  2. I think it was all the Aunt Allisen time he got. I seem to have that kind of effect on people - especially the weight gaining part. WHOO HOO, O-DAWG! You are pretty awesome, too.

  3. Wahoooo. God is good :)

    PS: I read your blogs tagline again and as sad as it might be to say this, it's wrong. We don't have any toddlers left... :(

  4. I'm praising God for the awesome answers to all our prayers. Many steps forward....way to go Owen and his awesome support team of loving family, friends, specialists - all with God as the guide! Keeping the prayers flowing and surrounding his progress! He is my hero!
    I loved the time with Owen and his sibs/parents/aunt/uncle/cousins!

  5. Wow. What an amazing report. So happy for everyone involved. What a blessing to see you all go through this, trusting God and giving it to God the whole time.

    And Todd...the way I thought of it was, if any of my kids wore a clothes size that involved a "T", I called them toddlers. Allowed me to hang onto them a little longer (in mind). :)

  6. Many, many prayers of thanksgiving have been said. We certainly echo the belief in prayer. What a sweetheart he is and blessed to have all of you. Love You.