Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Loot

Me: "Isaac, do you care if I cry the whole time we shop for your school supplies because I'm sad that you're growing up so fast?"

Isaac: "Nope. Do you care if I cry the whole time because I don't want to go to school?"

Back to school shopping is done.

I took them out separately to have special time with each one of them. Isaac and I were gone for a grand total of about 45 minutes because the boy is not a shopper. After supply shopping, I asked if he wanted to look for new clothes and he said no because Nana already got him some. End of story.

Emma Grace took two and half hours. The lunchbox decision alone was at least half of that. We had fun though.

Here they are after dinner showing off their loot to one another.

Luckily Todd had the wherewithal to grab Isaac's old lunch box and give it to Owen so he didn't feel left out.

T-5 days.

Kindergarten and First Grade, here they come.

Watch out.

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  1. Such happy smiles with no clue how the rest of us are happy for them, but gnashing our teeth over how fast they are growing.
    Funny shopping stories ~ I'll be thinking of my grands on Thursday and as my little cherubs enter my room. I'll visualize my 3 oldest grands with the same wide eyed wonder, sometimese shaky confidence, and eager to please day.