Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dude. Seriously?!

I swear just yesterday these two were still babies.

And now they're both in elementary school.

That's just pure craziness.

PS - Owen's bored.


  1. My heart is soaring....LOVE these pics! I was going awww, ohhhhh, awwww.....then hit the P.S. Owen's bored and I burst out laughing. Not AT him of course, but the sweetness of the reality that weekdays will be like this! Yikes!

    LOVE all the smiles and am excited for everyone!

  2. HA! Love that last one of Owen! Alaina is bored too, so why don't we have Owen over so they can keep busy. :) Beautiful pics!

  3. Cannot believe how tall they are getting!! They are both too big to pick up and carry on your hip! Oh my! They are beautiful students and I know their teachers were glad to have them in class (their Nana speaking). Of course they will be the stars of their classes! Too cute!

  4. You know you can come over anytime and play. Your other kids loved it here, I don't know when Owen wouldn't. That also means we can hang out too. they look pretty hip for their first day!