Monday, August 22, 2011

Home and Doing Great.

Sparth Vader did very well.

Everything looked great physically - there was no permanent damage yet and the esophagus had not tightened up at all. Big Yay!

Now we wait a week for biopsy results and follow up appointments.

He had a rough time coming off the anasthesia and was in a good bit of pain for awhile, but he totally perked up this afternoon and was very playful tonight even without pain meds.

Yup - he's definitely a trooper.


  1. Praising God for the protection and comfort provided for Owen, for all of you, for all of us! Was a long day for you and many victories celebrated with Sparth Vader throughout!

    Praying for great results from the biopsies!
    Grandma Fish loves you Owen!!!

  2. That is great initial news! Owen will be blessed to NOT remember days like today, but I know there is no such exception. Nothing is harder than watching your child suffer and in pain. I know God held you through it as you allowed Him to. :) Praying for great biopsy results! We need to come by and visit Sparth and his troop soon!