Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hasta La Vista, Eosinophils.

The biopsies came back clear.


There were a few nasty white cells in the small intestine, but the colon, stomach, and esophagus looked great. The doctor said they even wrote a big zero beside the esophagus results. Zero. We've never seen that number (or lack thereof) in the esophagus. And the ones in the small intestine? There weren't enough of them that we're going to worry about it right now. So my boy gets a break from the steroid.

And we're going to embrace a happy and pain free Owen for as long as it lasts before those little boogers start invading again.

I feel like we're being spoiled rotten right now.
I don't know why so many of our prayers have been answered in the last month, but I am so thankful.
I'm thankful for the huge strides Owen has made.
I'm thankful that he is finally growing and thriving.
And I'm most thankful for a God who never lets go.

Here's a pic of my lil' man enjoying his favorite snack on the evening of the biopsies.
(He may have been invaded in all orifices that morning, but he did get the day off from structured feeding......it's the little things, right?)

See ya later, eosinophils.
Feel free to take a LONG vacation before your next invasion.


  1. a BIG hurray! you ask why, the good stuff is gonna happen to you, it's the when that is always in question. You are faithful, you will be rewarded

  2. YEA! YEA God! YEA Owen! YEA mom and dad! YEA Emma Grace & Isaac! YEA UNC-CH Hospital staff! YEA pediatrician! YEA St. Joseph's angels! YEAYEAYEAYEAYEA!!!!!!

    God is faithful and guides us to His answers to every prayer! I am grateful for this report, so very grateful!

  3. Praise God. Go Mom. Go Owen. : )