Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A serious case of PVD

Post Vacation Depression is a serious illness that should not be taken lightly. And I think all five of us are suffering from it right now. Not sure what the cure is yet, but I'm looking into it.

And if any of you have been reading this blog since last August then you will remember how perturbed I was when we got back from the beach and I could only post four pictures on the blog at a time. It was like Sophie's Choice (on a much much much smaller and not nearly as traumatic level) trying to decide which pictures to post out of the hundreds I took. But this year.....well this year baby, I got this picture posting thing figured out.

So if you only read this blog for the wealth of knowledgeable and truly outstanding content, you may want to skip this post. Because there is about to be a plethora of pictures that I am probably the only one truly enamored by.

Without further ado: The Fischer Family Beach Vacay of 2011. Woot woot.

Two crazy cousins:

The crazy cousin on the left's crazy mama.
(Who, by the way, makes me laugh like a hyena and also makes a mean strawberry daquiri. Together, it is a lethal combination.)

Two of my boys chillaxin' on the beach.

Best dinner ever (once they were dead)? I think yes.

Todd and his brother and I ate pretty much the entire bushel by ourselves. It was embarrassing but also kind of fun. 

Four kids having a quiet moment of prayer before getting on the boat?
I'm thinking not. But it looks like it, so who's to say?

 Future modeling career?
Only time will tell.

Did the kids have fun on the tube?
As my dad likes to say, "does a bear 'crap' (I'm using the nicer version on the public blog) in the woods?"

Yup - fo sho. They had fun.

They also had fun building sand castles with their grandad, and boating, and stealing kisses while some people tried to snooze, going to the "beauty parlor", painting their grandmother's nails, eating a lot of yummy food, swimming, diving off the sea wall, etc, etc, etc.

And here's one not so great picture with me in it.
Just to prove I was there.

Many thanks to Todd's parents and cousins and siblings for an awesome vacation that we're still talking about. We're back. We're unpacked. We're not liking this whole settling back into the real world thing.


  1. Dude where's your new granny suit???!

  2. Dear Sarah Ellen,

    I will have you know that Allisen said my suit was not "granny" because while it could be construed to have granny qualities in the length of the skirt, it does not have any ruffles on it anywhere. And I didn't post any pictures of it because of course I would never want to make anyone jealous.

    Sincerely, your big sis who can still kick your butt if needed......

  3. The PVD's hit here too, but then we relived it all through these pics!! Had to remember last night to go to bed "on a school night" schedule again....ugh! No sweet little taps on my shoulder this a.m. with "grandma are you asleep"....nope, the annoying 5:30a.m. alarm instead. Was a GREAT summer with many awesome memories and some of the best in the several days with the whole Fischer clan!

  4. Dear Rachel,

    Don't let your mean, cruel sister, Sarah Ellen, make fun of your suit. Not all of us can eat our own breakfast AND that of a virtual stranger and still be a size -10. Love you both!


    Someone who is not missing those pancakes.

  5. Sounds like a fun filled vacation for all. You are so blessed. Hope things are going well with Owen!

  6. I would have withdrawals over a vacation like that too! Let's run, would early Saturday morning work for you?

  7. What a great trip and great pics! Loved seeing them!