Monday, June 15, 2009

No more UNC

This cutie had his last visit to UNC today!
After 3 hospital stays,
2 surgeries,
a team of specialists,
many hours screaming,
many nights awake worrying about his breathing,
many trips to the pediatrician for weight checks,
and many medical bills,
we were told to go home and relax.
He's doing well.
Really well.
Thank you, God!
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  1. Praise God! What outstanding news :D

  2. What a cute pictures! He looks less like EG than when he was born...looks more like todd i think

  3. Missing you so much! Can't wait to get back to you guys. Love you. The video you posted is great. See you Sunday.

  4. This is awesome. He is awesome. -Barron

  5. That is SUCH good news, Rachel!!! He's so adorable and I'm glad he is feeling better these days!